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Who else could you be?
Who else would you be?

 Based on immersive theatre and choose your own adventure books
We are reimagining digital theatre



Blueprints is a brand new, completely unique online experience that uses reimagined technology, gorgeous cinematography and surrealist design to place you INSIDE the world. (WITH NO ZOOM IN SIGHT!)


Delve into an unexpected, macabre house filled with mesmerising characters and intriguing choices. You'll journey to different rooms, find objects and uncover stories to complete Mission Butterfly!  Here, your senses and wits will be challenged as you navigate the trauma that is growing up. 


Through innovative design and puppetry, Lobster Frock’s multicultural cast will catapult you into a new hybrid of digital and gaming theatre.  You'll click through the dilapidated, remnants of different childhoods to try and answer the question, who am I?

Blueprints is supported by Peer Productions and Green Lit 

Created and performed by Emily Hindle, Guilia Del Fabbro, Lebogang Fisher, Magdalene Mills, Michelle Hudson, Ruchika Jain and Kirsty Blewett as The Narrator
Created and directed by Kirsty Blewett
Sound design, dramaturgy and musical direction by Antigoni Spanou
Design and making Emma Lynch
Video editor and consultant Matthew Kaltenborn
Website developer Sarah Ferrari
Producing consultant Sarah Morris
With special thanks to Grace O'Keefe, Nina Lemon, The Motherline Collective and ALL our Green Lit supporters
Previous collaborator Abigail Huan
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